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Pooroni is an illustrator and a graphic designer based in Seoul, Korea. She designs, draws, studies and teaches illustration and design. Her interests are visual narrative and storytelling, studying the relationship between design and art, ambiguity and clarity, verbal and pictorial as well as cultural aspects and quickly changing visual environment of Seoul. She has experimented with media and boundaries of illustration. She grew up in Korea and Jordan, and studied Painting at Rhode Island School of Design as an undergraduate, and earned MFA and Doctor of Design in Visual Communication Design from Seoul National University. She is currently working as an assistant Professor at Graduate School of Design, University of Seoul and she also worked as an assistant professor at Visual Communication Major, Department of Design, Hongik University in Seoul. She is a member of AGI(Alliance Graphique Internationale) and a director of Korea Society of Basic Design & Art.

interests = Visual Story Telling
Design Context
→ Relationship between Design and Art
→ use of Ambiguity in Design and Art
→ Relationship between the Verbal and the Pictorial
→ Cultural Aspects in Design
Design Application
→ the role of Narrative in Identity Design
→ Inductive Methodology in Identity Design
→ Spatial, Environmental and Ambient Identity Design



→ AGI Open Speaker, the Other Side of Illustration, Mexico City, 2018
→ Chosen as the Star Craft Product Development Designer by Korea Craft and Design Foundation, 2012
→ Chosen as the 7th Next Generation Design Leader by
Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Ministry of Industry and Energy, 2008
→ Awarded 2008 Seoul Fellowship for Humanities, 2008


→ Assistant Professor, University of Seoul, 2018 ~
→ Assistant Professor, Hongik University, 2016 ~ 2018
→ Lecturer, Seoul National University (Illustration), 2011 ~ 2016
→ Lecturer, Kookmin University (Imagemaking, Journalistic Illustration), 2012 ~ 2015
→ Lecturer, Ewha Women’s University (Narrative Design 1, 2), 2008 ~ 2016
→ Lecturer, Kyunghee University (3D Illustration), 2008
→ Lecturer, Hanyang University (Illustration 1 & 2), 2007 ~ 2008
→ Lecturer, Chungju University (Communication Design, Design Seminar), 2008
→ Lecturer, Kaywon College of Art (Design Workshop & Design Methodology), 2006 ~ 2007

→ Beach Bag Design for Summer 2008 for Hyundai Department Store, 2008
→ Tshot 2 Exhibition Promotion and Web Design for Undisclosed Association, 2008
→ French Fashion Brand Manoush 2008 FW Collection Space Graphics at Oroom Gallery, 2008
→ Illustrations for Hansol M Platon Exercise Books(for Gantext), 2008
→ Curator & Exhibition and Promotional Designer for the Exhibition ‘Magic Carpets and Furniture’, 2008
→ Final Winner of the Public Passport Design Team of the Repulic of Korea,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Korea Minting & Security Printing Corporation
(directed by Prof. Kim Suzung), 2007 ~ 2008
→ Christmas Card Design for VOGUE Korea, 2007
→ Illustrations for Honda Style Magazine, (Ahn Grahpics), 2007
→ Christmas Display Graphic Design for Heunguk Insuarance, (ZNP Creative), 2007
→ Book Illustration ‘Why do girls study better?’, DesignHouse, 2007
→ Augenblick Photobook Product Identity Design, Inicom International, 2007
→ Participant for Chunggye Design Workshop for development of Chunggye Identity, (FlyingCity, Seoul Arts Foundation), 2007
→ Interior Graphic Design for Woosong University International House 12th Floor (ZNP Creative), 2007
→ Interior Grahpic Design for Woosong University Bakery (ZNP Creative), 2007
→ Exhibition Identity and Promotion Design for Exhibition ‘it’s Hotel’, Seoul Arts Center, 2006
→ DIY spead Illustration for Monthly Design, 2007
→ Art Director for ‘Public Design Exhibition + Forum’, Promotional & Exhibition Design,
Ministry of Culture & Tourism and Youngdeunpo Gu Ofiice, 2006
→ Event Identity and Poster Design for ‘Xi Design Fiesta’, GS Construction Company, 2006
→ Display Design for Boontheshop Men and Boontheshop Jewlery, Shinsege International, 2006
→ Christmas Promotional Card Design for PR GATE, 2006
→ Visual Identity Design for Walkerhill Riverpark, 2006
→ Visual Identity Design for Icenrink ‘Alice in Winter Wonderland’, W Hotel, Seoul
→ Poster Designs for the 2nd and the 3rd International Design Culture Conference, Korean Design Research Institute
→ instructor for International Class, ARTPOOL, 2005 ~ 2007
→ Research Assistant for Korean Design Research Institute(KDRI), 2004 ~ 2005
→ Guest Reporter, Monthly DesignNET, 2005
→ CNN Interpreter, Korean Broadcasting System, 2002 ~ 2004

→ Group Exhibition, ‘Design is Air – Air Garden’, Seoul Design Olympiad, 2008
→ Group Exhibition, ‘100% Design London’, Earl’s Court, London, 2008
→ Group Exhibition, ‘Women Designers’ Fair’, KIDP, 2008
→ Group Exhibition, ‘Contemporary Art Explained by Miffy’, SaengakGgumteul Museum, 2008
→ Group Exhibition, ‘Kitty S’, 63 Sky Art Gallery, 2008
→ Group Exhibition, ‘Children’s Design Experience Exhibition’, Daegu, 2008
→ Group Exhibition, ‘T-shot 2 : Childhood’, Yanghwa Park, 2008
→ Group Exhibition, ‘Kids in Korea’, Candle Factory Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland, 2008
→ Group Exhibition, ‘T-shot 2 : Childhood’, Yanghwa Park, 2008
→ Group Exhibition, ‘I am a Designer’, Doosan Art Center, 2008
→ Group Exhibition, ‘Insight in Site’, Samwon SD Hall, 2008
→ Group Exhibition, ‘Magic Carpets and Furniture’, KTF Gallery the Orange, 2008
→ Group Exhibition, ‘Fantastic Artistic Seoul Team’, Ilju Art Center, 2007
→ Group Exhibition, ‘Snow, Snowmen’, Jinsun Gallery, 2007
→ Group Exhibition, ‘All Light!-All Right?’, Lotte Department Store AVENUEL, 2007
→ Group Exhibition, ‘DesignMade, It’s Hotel’, Seoul Arts Center, 2007
→ Group Exhibition, Invited Exhibition of Mongolian Ministry of Education and Science for
the Association of Korean Female Designers, IT Park Exhibition Hall, Ulan Bator, Mongolia, 2007
→ Group Exhibition, ‘T-Shot’, Sheep Gallery, 2007
→ Group Exhibition, ‘1st2nd’, SecondHotel, 2007
→ Group Exhibition, ‘Art as a View’, Samwon S&D Hall, 2007
→ Group Exhibition, ‘Insight inSite’, Samwon S&D Hall, 2007
→ Casamia Uffia Launching Party Absolut Wallgraphics Live Painting (with Zinoo Park), 2006/07
→ Solo Exhibition ‘Kinbdom Hybrid’, KTF Gallery the Orange, 2006 ~ 2007
→ Solo Exhibition, ‘Red Mummies’, Nue’AnotherShop, 2006
→ Group Exhibition, We’ll Come Designers’ Party and Exhibition, W Walkerhill Hotel, 2006
→ Group Exhibition, Wake Up Andy Warhol, Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul , 2006
→ Group Exhibition ‘Communication’, Samwon S&D Hall, 2006
→ Group Exhibition, How Is It Going? (ZeroOne Design Center), 2005
→ Group Exhibition, Senior Painting Exhibition, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI, 2002


→ ‘D.T.2 (for the Contemporary Designers and Artists) Methods'(Similar Replacements (Sketches for an Animal City)), Co-Writer, Hong Design
(Gu Donghee, Gwon Ohsang, Kim Sangil, Kim Sora, Kim Hyungjae · Hong Eunju, Park Meena, Park Yoonyoung, Park Haecheon, Sasa [44],
Sung Jayhyuk, Seulki & Min, Emil Gho, Yoon Wonhwa, Lee Youngjoon, Lee Donghi, Lee Eunwoo, Pooroni Rhee, Lim Geumjun aka Lee Chungwoo,
Jackson Hong, Jason Park, Choi Sungmin), Jan.2008

→ ‘The Role of Architectural Supergraphics in Identity Design (Focusing on Narrative Patterns in Supergraphics)’
IASDR07(The International Association of Societies of Design Research) (Chair for Aesthetics Session), Nov.2007

→ ‘Development Process Model for Phoneme-Combination Type Korean Script Font’
ATyPi(Association Typographique Internationale) Hands On(University of Brighton) Conference Presentation, Sep.2007

→ ‘Study on the Ambiguity of Pictorial Typography(Focuing on Iconotexts)’
MFA Thesis, Seoul National University, Aug.2006

→ ‘Study on the Use of Patterns in Identity Design(Focusing on the Symbolic Functions of Narrative Patterns)’
Proceeding of the Fall Design Conference of Korean Society of Design Science, Fall 2006

→ ‘Pictorial/Verbal Relationship in Calligrammes from Communicative Aspect’
Proceeding of the Fall Design Conference of Korean Society of Design Science, Fall 2005

→ Doctor of Design, Faculty of Craft and Design, Seoul National University, 2007 ~ 2017
→ MFA in Visual Communication from Seoul National University, 2004 ~ 2006
→ BFA in Painting, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, USA, 1997 ~2002
→ Amman Baccalureate School (International Baccalaureate Diploma), New English School, Amman, Jordan, 1993 ~ 1997
→ Sunwha Arts School, 1992 ~ 1993




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